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Hot Lunch Menu

Monday, Nov 11 - 

   Spaghetti, Meatballs, Garlic Bread

Tuesday, Nov 12 - 

   Chicken Pot Pie on a Biscuit, Green Beans

Wednesday, Nov 13 - 

   Pancakes, Syrup, Sausage Links

Thursday, Nov 14 - 

    BBQ Chicken, Mashed Potato

Friday, Nov 15 - 

   Pizza, Pudding

Monday, Nov 18 - 

   Big Corn Dog, Waffle Fries

Tuesday, Nov 19 - 

   Popcorn Chicken, Wedge Fries

Wednesday, Nov 20 - 

   Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Curly Fries

Thursday, Nov 21 - 

   Chicken Strips, Tater Tots

Friday, Nov 22 - 

   Hamburger, Pickle, Fries

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